S’mores Quesadillas


☁️ Dandies® Mini Marshmallows

☁️ Flour tortillas

☁️ Vegan cream cheese

☁️ Dark chocolate chips

☁️ Cinnamon

☁️ Vegan Butter

☁️ Graham crackers or your favorite crunchy cookie


Take a flour tortilla and spread a layer of cream cheese on one half. Sprinkle a layer of Dandies® Mini Marshmallows, chocolate chips, and crushed graham cracker / cookie crumbs on top of the cream cheese. Fold the other side over and press down firmly. Repeat, to make as many quesadillas as you want. In a skillet turned on medium heat, melt a Tbsp of margarine. Once melted, place a quesadilla and let cook on each side until nice and golden brown. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar to taste. Garnish with additional graham cracker crumbs. Enjoy.