Marshmallow Oat Squares


☁️ One 200 g package Dandies® Marshmallows

☁️ 180ml dairy-free spread, soft⁠

☁️ 200g soft brown sugar⁠

☁️ 170g oats⁠

☁️ 200g oat flour⁠

☁️ 1/2 tsp fine salt⁠

☁️ 1/2 tsp baking soda⁠⁠

☁️ 180g dairy-free chocolate⁠


1. To create your marshmallow squares, first, start by combining the dairy-free spread and the soft brown sugar with an electric whisk until creamy. Mix in the oats, oat flour, fine salt, and baking soda and continue to mix until you get a crumbly texture.⁠

2. Line a 20x20 cake tin, and crumble about two-thirds of the crumble mixture onto the bottom. Place baking parchment on top and use the bottom of a tall glass to even out the surface.⁠

3. Next place your chocolate chips and marshmallows on top. The whole marshmallows or simply tear them apart into two halves and put them on top.⁠

4. Sprinkle with the remaining crumble mixture and place into the preheated oven at 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes.⁠

5. Let the squares cool down entirely before cutting & enjoy!⁠